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February 22

 This schedule is provisional, and will be filled in as speakers and themes are confirmed. Be sure to return to this page regularly to stay up to date with the program. 

February 22
Ohgi Room

Plenary lecture

Molecular mechanism of CRISPR-Cas and structure-based development of genome editing tool towards medical applications

Speaker: Osamu Nureki (Japan)


Keynote lecture

Pathogenesis and treatment strategy of type 2 diabetes - Current view

Speaker: Takashi Kadowaki (Japan)


Symposia: AKI & CVD 

(Joint with the Japanese Society of Nephrology and Pharmacotherapy)


Heart-Kidney Interaction: Cardiorenal Syndrome in Critical Care

Speaker: Yung-Chang Chen (Taiwan)


AKI in cancer chemotherapy

Speaker: Yuichi Ando (Japan)


AKI: From the laboratory to the clinic [tentative]

Speaker: Joseph Bonventre (USA)


Influence of Neuroimmune Axis on AKI

Speaker: Tsuyoshi Inoue (USA)