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February 23

This schedule is provisional, and will be filled in as speakers and themes are confirmed. Be sure to return to this page regularly to stay up to date with the program.

Friday, February 23 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room

Symposia: Cardio-renal Syndrome

(Joint with the Japanese Circulation Society)


Cardiovascular disease and multimorbidity in elderly people with CKD

Speaker: Marcello Tonelli (Canada)


Premature vascular smooth muscle cell ageing drives vascular calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease

Speaker: Catherine Shanahan (UK)


Renal Collecting Duct Epithelial Cell Controls Kidney Disease and Adaptation to Cardiac Stress through Tissue Macrophage Activation

Speaker: Katsuhito Fujiu (Japan)


Endothelial cell dysfunction in CKD and CVD

Speaker: Minoru Sato (Japan)


Young Investigator Network Session


Symposia: Phosphate Toxicity and CVD

(Co-sponsored by Kissei Pharmaceutical)


Phosphate and Vascular calcification

Speaker: Ziad A. Massy (France)


Phosphate binder and outcome

Speaker: Hirotaka Komaba (Japan)


Which is bad: FGF23 or phosphate

Speaker: Tamara Isakova (USA)


Magnesium as a suppressor of phosphate toxicity

Speaker: Yusuke Sakaguchi (Japan)


Symposia: CKD and CVD

(Co-sponsored by Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd.)


Mineral metabolism and cardiovascular disease in CKD [tentative]

Speaker: John Cunningham (UK)


Cardiovascular risk prediction in CKD

Speaker: Kunihiro Matsushita (USA)


Pathophysiology of cerebro-cardio-renal continuum in patients with chronic kidney disease

Speaker: Naoki Nakagawa (Japan)


Vascular calcification and vascular stiffness in CKD

Speaker: Paweena Susantitaphong (Thailand)



Plenary Lecture

Digital Health Solutions & New Payment Models – The Transforming of Chronic Care

Speaker: Lisa Pettigrew (USA)



DKD and CVD: clinical

(Co-sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Co., Ltd. / Eli Lilly KK.)


Combating DKD: from pathogenesis to treatment [tentative]

Speaker: Keizo Kanasaki (Japan)


Clinical impact of novel anti-diabetic agents in DKD [tentative]

Speaker: Per-Henrik Groop (Finland)


From Bench to Bedside in DKD [tentative]

Speaker:Mark Cooper (Australia)


Clinical and genetic approaches to DKD [tentative]

Speaker:Juliana Chan (Hong Kong)


Symposia: Hypoxia Biology in Kidney Disease & CVD

(Joint with the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy)


Oxygen biology in the kidney [tentative]

Speaker:Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany)


Kidney oxygenation during cardiopulmonary bypass and post-operative acute kidney injury

Speaker: Roger Evans (Australia)


Novel treatment to activate HIF

Speaker: Tetsuhiro Tanaka (Japan)


Renal capillary flow and hypoxia in kidney injury

Speaker: Daisuke Nakano (Japan)