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February 24

 This schedule is provisional, and will be filled in as speakers and themes are confirmed. Be sure to return to this page regularly to stay up to date with the program. 

Saturday, February 24 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room


Symposia: DKD & CVD: Basic

(Joint with the Japan Diabetes Society)


Pathogenesis of DKD - an update

Speaker: KatherineTuttle (USA)


New approaches to treatment of DKD

Speaker: Robyn Langham (Australia)


Inflammation in DKD

Speaker: Sydney Tang (Hong Kong)


Vaspin and proximal tubular cell injury in metabolic syndrome

Speaker: Atsuko Nakatsuka (Japan)


Symposia: aHUS and systemic vascular injury

(Co-sponsored by Alexion)


Transplantation and TME [tentative]

Speaker: Toby Coates (Australia)


STEC-HUS [tentative]

Speaker: Christine B. Sethna (USA)


Atypical HUS in pediatric patients [tentative]

Speaker: Toshihiro Sawai (Japan)


Atypical HUS in adult patients

Speaker: Yoko Yoshida (Japan)



Symposia: Dialysis and CVD: Clinical

(Co-sponsored by Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.)


CKD in China: lessons from large Chinese Cohort study

Speaker: Xueqing Yu (China)


Management of CKD-MBD in Haemodialysis: Lessons from COSMOS

Speaker: Jorge B. Cannata-Andía (Spain)


CKD and CVD in Asia - lessons from cohort studies and clinical trials

Speaker: Vivekanand Jha (India)


Clinical studies of cardiovascular interventions in PD patients

Speaker: David Johnson (Australia)


Symposia: CKD-MBD & CVD

(Co-sponsored by Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)


Evidence for and against the link between MBD and CVD

Speaker: Ravi Thadhani (USA)


Calcimimetics and CVD

Speaker: Takayuki Hamano (Japan)


Vascular Calcification

Speaker: Cecilia Giachelli (USA)


Hidden hypercalcemia

Speaker: Yoshitsugu Obi (Japan)



Plenary Lecture

Elucidation of human oxygen sensing pathways: implications for nephrology

Speaker: Peter Ratcliffe (UK)



Cardiovascular trials and kidney disease

Speaker: Vlado Perkovic (Australia)


Symposia: Transplantation & CVD

(Joint with the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy)


Antibody-mediated rejection [tentative]

Speaker: Toby Coates (Australia)


Long-Term Allograft Survival

Speaker: Adrian Liew (Singapore)


CVD after kidney transplantation

Speaker: Philip Li (Hong Kong)


Marginal living donor

Speaker: Tadashi Sofue (Japan)


Symposia: Pediatric Nephrology & CVD

(Joint with the Japanese Society for Pediatric Nephrology)


Clinical and Genetic Approaches to Alport syndrome

Speaker: Kandai Nozu (Japan)


Pathogenic mechanism of childhood idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

Speaker: Yutaka Harita (Japan)


Bone-vascular link in paediatric CKD patients

Speaker: Rukshana Shroff (UK)


Cardiovascular risk factors in children with kidney diseases

Speaker: Christine B. Sethna (USA)



Special Lecture

(Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Co., Ltd.)

Diabetic Kidney Disease and SGLT2 inhibitor [tentative]

Speaker: Christoph Wanner (Germany)