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February 25

 This schedule is provisional, and will be filled in as speakers and themes are confirmed. Be sure to return to this page regularly to stay up to date with the program. 


Sunday, February 25 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room

Plenary lecture

Physiology and Pathology of Renal EPO Producing Cells

Speaker: Masayuki Yamamoto (Japan)


Symposia: Nutrition in Kidney Disease & CVD

(Joint with the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy)


Sarcopenia and arteriosclerosis in CKD

Speaker: Akihiko Kato (Japan)


Gastrointestinal Phosphate handling

Speaker: Hiroko Segawa (Japan)


Protein-energy wasting [tentative]

Speaker: Angela Wang (Hong Kong)


Vitamin D and phosphate [tentative]

Speaker:Orson Moe (USA)


Symposia: Specialization of Nephrology Nursing and Development of Multi-Occupation Collaboration

(Organized by Japan Academy of Nephrology Nursing)


Efforts of the Japan Academy of Nephrology Nursing (Regarding Certification of Dialysis Care and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Leading Nurses)

Speaker: Hisamitsu Sato (Japan)


Current Activities of the DLN

Speaker: Noriko Koteda (Japan)