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February 22


February 22
Ohgi Room

Plenary lecture

Molecular mechanism of CRISPR-Cas and structure-based development of genome editing tool towards medical applications

Speaker: Osamu Nureki (Japan)

Chairs: Adeera Levin (Canada), Naoki Kashihara (Japan)


Keynote lecture

New strategies for the prevention of cardiovascular and renal diseases in type 2 diabetes

Speaker: Takashi Kadowaki (Japan)

Chairs: Stuart Shankland (USA), Masaomi Nangaku (Japan)


Symposium: AKI & CVD 

(Joint with the Japanese Society of Nephrology and Pharmacotherapy)


Heart-kidney interaction: Cardiorenal syndrome in critical care

Speaker: Yung-Chang Chen (Taiwan)


Acute kidney injury (AKI) in cancer chemotherapy

Speaker: Yuichi Ando (Japan)


AKI and maladaptive repair: From the laboratory to the clinic

Speaker: Joseph V. Bonventre (USA)


Influence of neuroimmune axis on AKI

Speaker: Tsuyoshi Inoue (USA)