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February 23

Friday, February 23 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room

Symposium: Cardio-renal syndrome

(Joint with the Japanese Circulation Society)

Chairs: Yoshihiko Saito (Japan), Ginova Nainggolan (Indonesia)


Cardiovascular disease and multimorbidity in older people with chronic kidney disease

Speaker: Marcello Tonelli (Canada)


Inflammaging and vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease

Speaker: Catherine Shanahan (UK)


A heart-brain-kidney network controls adaptation to cardiac stress through tissue macrophage activation

Speaker: Katsuhito Fujiu (Japan)


Endothelial cell dysfunction in CKD and CVD

Speaker: Minoru Sato (Japan)


Young Investigator Network Session


Symposium: Phosphate toxicity and CVD

(Co-sponsored by Kissei Pharmaceutical)

Chairs: Naotake Tsuboi (Japan), Ravi Thadhani (USA)


Phosphate and cardiovascular calcification

Speaker: Ziad A. Massy (France)


Phosphate binders and outcome

Speaker: Hirotaka Komaba (Japan)


Which is bad: FGF23 or phosphate

Speaker: Tamara Isakova (USA)


Magnesium as a suppressor of phosphate toxicity

Speaker: Yusuke Sakaguchi (Japan)


Symposium: CKD and CVD

(Co-sponsored by Daiichi-Sankyo Co., Ltd.)

Chairs: Kouichi Tamura (Japan), Chin-Wei Yang (Taiwan)


Mineral metabolism and cardiovascular disease in CKD

Speaker: John Cunningham (UK)


Cardiovascular risk prediction in CKD patients

Speaker: Kunihiro Matsushita (USA)


Pathophysiology of cerebro-cardio-renal continuum in patients with chronic kidney disease

Speaker: Naoki Nakagawa (Japan)


Vascular calcification and vascular stiffness in CKD

Speaker: Paweena Susantitaphong (Thailand)



Plenary Lecture

Digital health solutions and new payment models: The transforming of chronic care

Speaker: Lisa Pettigrew (USA)

Chairs: Carol Pollock (Australia), Hidetomo Nakamoto (Japan)



Symposium: DKD and CVD: Clinical

(Co-sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH Co., Ltd. / Eli Lilly KK.)

Chairs: Jun Wada (Japan), Sydney C.W. Tang (Hong Kong)


Combating DKD: From pathogenesis to treatment

Speaker: Keizo Kanasaki (Japan)


Clinical impact of novel anti-diabetic agents in DKD

Speaker: Per-Henrik Groop (Finland)


From bench to bedside in DKD

Speaker: Mark Cooper (Australia)


Clinical and genetic approaches to DKD

Speaker: Juliana Chan (Hong Kong)


Symposium: Hypoxia biology in kidney disease and CVD

(Joint with the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy)

Chairs: Joseph V. Bonventre (USA), Reiko Inagi (Japan)


Oxygen biology and the kidney

Speaker:Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany)


Renal oxygenation on cardiopulmonary bypass and risk of post-operative acute kidney injury

Speaker: Roger Evans (Australia)


Novel treatment to activate HIF

Speaker: Tetsuhiro Tanaka (Japan)


Renal capillary flow and hypoxia in kidney injury

Speaker: Daisuke Nakano (Japan)