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Other sessions


Thursday, February 22 Eminence Hall


Welcome reception


Friday, February 23 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room Hana Room Concord Ballroom A
8:00-8:55 8:00-9:00  

Morning seminar

Diagnosis and treatment of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS)

Speaker: Shoichi Maruyama (Japan)

Chair: Yoshihiko Kanno (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Alexion)

Meet the Professor 1 (round-table discussion)

Young Investigator Network Session

1. miR-146a targeting the splenic macrophages prevents sepsis-induced acute kidney injury

With: Yoshio Funahashi (Japan)


2. Magnesium and the risk of fatal myocardial infarction in patients undergoing hemodialysis

With: Yusuke Sakaguchi (Japan)


3. Protective role of DJ-1 (PARK7) deficiency in sepsis-associated acute kidney injury

With: Joseph Leeds (USA)


4. The transcription factor MafB is essential for the maintenance of podocytes

With: Toshiaki Usui (Japan)


5. Ejection fraction as a predictor of survival among elderly patients with ESRD initiating maintenance hemodialysis

With: Matthew R D’Costa (USA)


6. Neural transcription factor Pou4f1 is essential for macrophage- myofibroblast transition driven kidney fibrosis

With: Patrick Ming-Kuen Tang (Hong Kong)


7. The association of RAAS blockade and the progression of residual kidney Function Decline: A nation-wide prospective cohort study

With: Kyung Don Yoo (Korea)


8. Rituximab improves cytoskeletal remodeling of podocytes induced by interleukin-13

With: Yuno Takahashi (Japan)



Luncheon seminar

Reno-skeletal syndrome

Speaker: Junichiro James Kazama (Japan)

Chair: Ryo Okazaki (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Astellas Pharma Inc.)

Luncheon seminar

Iron in the era of HIF stabilizers

Speaker: Takayuki Hamano (Japan)

Chair: Hirokazu Okada (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)


Evening seminar

Aldosterone, hypertension and the kidney: recent advances

Speaker: Shigeru Shibata (Japan)

Chair: Ichiei Narita (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Mochida Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. / EA Pharma Co.,Ltd.)

Evening seminar

Current status of chronic kidney disease in Korea; how to overcome the unmet need in CKD

Speaker: Yon Su Kim (Korea)

Chair: Tadao Akizawa (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Kureha Corporation / Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation)


Poster Session 1 /
Young Investigator Mixer Reception


Saturday, February 24 Eminence Hall
Nishiki Room Hana Room Concord Ballroom A
8:00-8:55 8:00-9:00  

Morning seminar

Application of AI/ICT technology to kidney disease management

Speaker: Yoshitaka Isaka (Japan)

Chair: Takashi Shigematsu (Japan)

(co-sponsored by NIKKISO)

Meet the Professor 2 (round-table discussion)

Luncheon seminar

Vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease: different bricks in the wall?

Speaker: Masafumi Fukagawa (Japan)

Chair: Masafumi Fukagawa (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd.)

Luncheon seminar

Protein-energy wasting and frailty in chronic kidney disease

Speaker: Joel D. Kopple (USA)

Chair: Takao Masaki (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Chugai Pharmaceutical CO., LTD.)


Evening seminar

ADPKD update

Tolvaptan for ADPKD; The latest clinical evidence and Japan's post-launch experience

Speaker: Saori Nishio (Japan)

Modeling polycystic kidney disease using iPS cells

Speaker: Kenji Osafune (Japan)

Chair: Takashi Yokoo (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

Evening seminar

Recent advances in Fabry Disease

Cardiac involvement and the role of enzyme replacement therapy in Japanese Fabry patients

Speaker: Kenichi Hongo (Japan)

Screening of Fabry nephropathy in patients with CKD not on dialysis

Speaker: Kei Fukami (Japan)

Chair: Yukio Yuzawa (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.)


Poster Session 2


Award reception


Sunday, February 25 Nishiki Room Hana Room

Morning seminar

Real-world treatment pattern of Japanese chronic kidney disease patients: A multicenter cohort study

Speaker: Daijo Inaguma (Japan)

Chair: Yusuke Suzuki (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co.,Ltd.)


Poster Session 3


Luncheon seminar

Tubulo-glomerular communication and renal protective effects by SGLT2 in diabetic nephropathy

Speaker: Shu Wakino (Japan)

Chair: Takashi Wada (Japan)

(co-sponsored by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation)